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4 Week | 8 Week Programs

Let me help you achieve your fitness goals. If you don't have any, let's set them together! Whether you're just starting to get in shape, or you're already a pro in weight lifting and training for a competition, I'll develop customized fitness programs for your fitness level.

My online training program* includes:

*All communication, including training schedules and diet plans, will be online. We'll be using e-mail, so we can coordinate your schedule, plan your meals, and track your progress.

If you work out at Iron Addicts Gym, I can personally guide you with proper training form and answer any training questions.

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase a plan above. Choose 4 or 8 weeks.

2. I’ll get your stats. I’ll contact you to know more about your vital stats like height, weight, BMI. I’ll send you a form that you’ll fill out on email so I’ll know more about your fitness level and goals.

3. I'll develop your own training program. Based on your stats, I'll create a Customized Work Out Schedule and Diet Plan. You will receive them and follow them.

4. I'll monitor your progress. We'll check your stats periodically, and adjust your work outs and meals as needed.

5. Check results. At the end of the program, we'll measure and evaluate changes in stats, compare with your goals, and plan for next program (if desired).

Start today.

This online training requires time and commitment. Allow me to keep you accountable and motivated. Be patient, follow my program, and you'll see rewarding results.

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